Business as Mission: The Power of Business in the Kingdom of God

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While crunching numbers and creating the craze are amongst her job requirements, her favorite responsibilities within this role are giving hugs, listening, and mentoring her team and other up and coming entrepreneurs who seek after her grass roots experience.

The success of TCC thereby became icing on the cake amongst the existing North Nashville restaurateurs that would ignite a new movement to the area for other business concepts that might not otherwise have considered doing business in North Nashville. While she obtained her M. In her spare time, Mignon enjoys reading, walking the Nashville Greenway, and donut sampling around the country as a self-proclaimed donut aficionado.

I mean someone's got to do it, she's already got the best cake in the country figured out. Do you have an idea for a product or service that you believe could become a missional business? Come learn from those who have taken the startup journey and learned in the trenches through the sweat, blood, and tears. We hope you will leave with a better idea of what it takes to move an entrepreneurial vision toward reality and feel better equipped to take the next steps toward your own startup journey. Come and learn why benevolence, service projects, etc.

Business as Mission

Many are discovering a different kind of ROI through the power of impact investing. Come and learn what impact investing can do to empower sustainable strategies that create change. What is the Stone Table? Click hear to watch a short video on how we started and where we are going!

Passions What Drives Us. The Gospel restores sacred meaning to our human vocation and establishes an eternal Kingdom that we are all called to declare to the very ends of the earth.

Business as Mission - Ordinary People Series - Soma

All our work emerges from this beautiful finished work of Jesus Christ. Work we do for the church is seen as sacred while the work we do in the marketplace is instinctively designated secular. But good work theology is not about applying biblical principles to our jobs and businesses which puts us at the center and God in a peripheral role as coach or advice giver.

This hijra , or migration, would be a turning point in the Prophet's mission and would mark the very beginning of the Muslim calendar. Yet the Prophet did not establish a theocracy in Medina. Instead of a polity defined solely by Islam, he founded a territorial polity based on religious pluralism.

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According to the Quran, Prophets were not after power or material resources. For example in surah 26 verses , , , , , the Koran repeatedly quotes from Prophets, Noah , Hud , Salih , Lut , and Shu'aib that: "I do not ask you for it any payment; my payment is only from the Lord of the worlds. Due to be considered divine, the regime entitles itself to interpret verses to its own benefit and abuse them out of the context for its political aims. An ecclesiocracy, on the other hand, is a situation where the religious leaders assume a leading role in the state, but do not claim that they are instruments of divine revelation.

For example, the prince-bishops of the European Middle Ages, where the bishop was also the temporal ruler.

Business As Mission: The Power of Business in the Kingdom of God

Such a state may use the administrative hierarchy of the religion for its own administration, or it may have two "arms"—administrators and clergy—but with the state administrative hierarchy subordinate to the religious hierarchy. The papacy in the Papal States occupied a middle ground between theocracy and ecclesiocracy, since the pope did not claim he was a prophet who received revelation from God and translated it into civil law. Religiously endorsed monarchies fall between these two poles, according to the relative strengths of the religious and political organs.

Theocracy is distinguished from other, secular forms of government that have a state religion , or are influenced by theological or moral concepts, and monarchies held " By the Grace of God ". In the most common usage of the term, some civil rulers are leaders of the dominant religion e. These characteristics apply also to a caesaropapist regime.

The Byzantine Empire however was not theocratic since the patriarch answered to the emperor, not vice versa; similarly in Tudor England the crown forced the church to break away from Rome so the royal and, especially later, parliamentary power could assume full control of the now Anglican hierarchy and confiscate most church property and income. Secular governments can also co-exist with a state religion or delegate some aspects of civil law to religious communities. For example, in Israel marriage is governed by officially recognized religious bodies who each provide marriage services for their respected adherents, yet no form of civil marriage free of religion, for atheists, for example exists nor marriage by non-recognized minority religions.

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In , with the Lateran Treaty signed with the Italian Government, the new state of Vatican City population — with no connection with the former Papal States [11] — was formally created and recognized as an independent state. They are usually clerics, appointed as Ordinaries, but in the past have also included men who were not bishops nor clerics. The cardinals are appointed by the popes, who therefore choose the electors of their successors. Voting is limited to cardinals under 80 years of age.

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The Vatican legal system is rooted in canon law but ultimately is decided by the pope; the Bishop of Rome as the Supreme Pontiff , "has the fullness of legislative, executive and judicial powers. Mount Athos is a mountain peninsula in Greece which is an Eastern Orthodox autonomous region consisting of 20 monasteries under the direct jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. There has been almost 1,years of continuous Christian presence on Mount Athos and it has a long history of monastic traditions, which dates back to at least A.

The origins of self-rule are originally from an edict by the Byzantine Emperor Ioannis Tzimisces in , which was later reaffirmed by the Emperor Alexios I Komnenos in After Greece's independence from the Ottoman Empire in , Greece claimed Mount Athos but after a diplomatic dispute with Russia the region was formally recognised as Greek after World War 1. Mount Athos is specifically exempt from the free movement of people and goods required by Greece's membership of the European Union [16] and entrance is only allowed with express permission from the monks.

The number of daily visitors to Mount Athos is restricted, with all visitors required to obtain an entrance permit. Only men are permitted to visit and Orthodox Christians take precedence in permit issuing. Residents of Mount Athos must be men aged 18 and over who are members of the Eastern Orthodox Church and also either monks or workers. Athos is governed jointly by a 'Holy Community' consisting of representatives from the 20 monasteries and a Civil Governor, appointed by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Holy Community also has a four-member executive committee called the 'Holy Administration' which is led by a Protos. Iran has been described as a "theocratic republic" by the CIA World Factbook , [18] and its constitution has been described as a "hybrid" of "theocratic and democratic elements" by Francis Fukuyama. According to Iran's constitution, "all civil, penal, financial, economic, administrative, cultural, military, political, and other laws and regulations must be based on Islamic criteria. In addition, Iran has a religious ruler and many religious officials in powerful government posts.

The head of state, or " Supreme Leader ", is a faqih [21] scholar of Islamic law , and possesses more power than Iran's president. The Leader appoints the heads of many powerful posts: the commanders of the armed forces , the director of the national radio and television network , the heads of the powerful major religious foundations , the chief justice , the attorney general indirectly through the chief justice , special tribunals, and members of national security councils dealing with defence and foreign affairs. He also co-appoints the 12 jurists of the Guardian Council.

The Leader is elected by the Assembly of Experts [18] [23] which is made up of mujtahids , [24] who are Islamic scholars competent in interpreting Sharia. The Guardian Council , has the power to veto bills from majlis parliament , approve or disapprove candidates who wish to run for high office president, majlis, the Assembly of Experts.

The council supervises elections, and can greenlight or ban investigations into the election process.

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The other six members are lawyers appointed by the head of the judiciary who is also a cleric and also appointed by the Leader. An Islamic republic is the name given to several states that are officially ruled by Islamic laws , including the Islamic Republics of Afghanistan , Iran , Pakistan , and Mauritania. Pakistan first adopted the title under the constitution of Mauritania adopted it on 28 November Iran adopted it after the Iranian Revolution that overthrew the Pahlavi dynasty.

Afghanistan adopted it in after the fall of the Taliban government.

Despite having similar names the countries differ greatly in their governments and laws. The term "Islamic republic" has come to mean several different things, some contradictory to others. To some Muslim religious leaders in the Middle East and Africa who advocate it, an Islamic republic is a state under a particular Islamic form of government. They see it as a compromise between a purely Islamic caliphate and secular nationalism and republicanism. In their conception of the Islamic republic, the penal code of the state is required to be compatible with some or all laws of Sharia , and the state may not be a monarchy, as many Middle Eastern states are presently.

The Central Tibetan Administration , colloquially known as the Tibetan government in exile, is a Tibetan exile organisation with a state-like internal structure. According to its charter, the position of head of state of the Central Tibetan Administration belongs ex officio to the current Dalai Lama , a religious hierarch. In this respect, it continues the traditions of the former government of Tibet , which was ruled by the Dalai Lamas and their ministers, with a specific role reserved for a class of monk officials. On March 14, , at the 14th Dalai Lama 's suggestion, the parliament of the Central Tibetan Administration began considering a proposal to remove the Dalai Lama's role as head of state in favor of an elected leader. The Dalai Lama announced that his political authority would be transferred to Sangay.

According to Tibetan Review , "Sikyong" translates to "political leader", as distinct from "spiritual leader". Having a state religion is not sufficient enough to be a theocracy in the narrow sense of the term.