Dandy Gilver and an Unsuitable Day for a Murder (Dandy Gilver Murder Mystery Series Book 6)

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Fresh tomatoes and mozzarella and basil. Rack of lamb on the grill. Terrific red wine. Sue Grafton. Steven Sondheim. There are many more…. I can bang out a news story at a fire, at a murder, in a raging hurricane. But my books? Got to be quiet. Funny, huh? Oh, so interesting. And I read a magazine article about Mark Sanford, the ex-governor of South Carolina, who told the world he was off hiking the Appalachian Trail—when he was actually off with his mistress. I wondered—through my pain—why would someone do that?

Why would a person be the other woman? And then I began to wonder—could there be a reason no one ever thought of?

Unsuitable Day for a Murder

A reason that would lead to murder? A reason I could use as the lynchpin for a thriller? Desire and deception. The need to be loved, and the constant quest for approval. Jane Ryland is a reporter, a journalist, who in The Other Woman has just lost her job because she refused to break her word and reveal a source. How would that change you—to do the right thing, but be punished for it? Her father is always critical—when she was fired, he said—you must have done something.

And her mother recently died—and Jane learned from her—when one door closes, another door opens. Katharine Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn.

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And …ah, Rosalind Russell. You know? Not physically. But emotionally and psychologically.

Maomyu 2 ~Mageki - The Maou's Second Advent~ (Subtitled)

Stephen King. Edith Wharton. Tom Wolfe. Nora Ephron. I just won two more Emmys, so that make, amazingly, thirty.

Dandy Gilver and the Unpleasantness in the Ballroom

The new Jane Ryland, The Wrong Girl, comes out in hardcover September 10—Jane is on the trail of an adoption agency she suspects may be reuniting birth parents with the wrong children. Creepy, huh? But it could happen. Check my website for the whole crazy schedule! Her work has resulted in new laws, people sent to prison, homes removed from foreclosure, and millions of dollars in restitution.

A best-selling author of five mystery novels, Ryan has won the Agatha, Anthony and Macavity awards for her crime fiction. Her newest suspense thriller, the best-selling The Other Woman now in a third printing , is the first in a new series from Forge Books. Her newest suspense thriller, The Wrong Girl , will be published in September A perfect day for me actually starts early. Getting up around six or six thirty is okay if I know have the whole day to do what I lo ve.

First on the agenda would be taking care of the dogs and cats. Then, my tea, check a few emails and get to writing. Back for lunch and more writing in the afternoon, and perhaps a short nap, some playing outside with the dogs and snuggling with the cats. Then if I can squeeze a few more words out in the evening before settling in with a great book, excellent!

Do you have a s ignature accessory, color, fragrance, phrase, or meal? Purple is my color — definitely. Anyone who is an artist of any kind must read it — it will change your life. The exercises will get to the bottom of anything holding you back, and put you in touch with the fun side of life again to truly jumpstart that creative process.

He inspires me to dig deeper in my own writing and find that connection that others can relate to. Often, I do.

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Sometimes often, as you may have guessed already I write with the Goo Goo Dolls. Music From the Chocolate Lands is awesome! If my latest book were chocolate, it would be finished! No, seriously, I love Lake Champlain chocolates.

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I recently had a salted caramel bar — I think that would be it. Rich, messy and lots of fun while it lasts. When my agent, John Talbot, and I discussed this particular cozy mystery theme as we developed this proposal, I wanted to just drive to his office and do a happy dance. I had always wondered how I could bring my two passions — animals and writing — together to provide a book that people would love to read that was also educational and could inspire people to look at animal issues differently.

I saw this series as the way to do that, as long as I got it right. So in Frog Ledge with Stan and her friends, I get to hang out with lots of furries, try new treat recipes, talk to people about the value of nutrition for animals and get my frustrations out by creating murder victims.

Stan is interesting because she is living such a different life than the one her mother imagined for her, or even the one she imagined for herself. She definitely takes after her dad.

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She had a good run there, and she was queen of the media relations world. But corporate America is fickle, and poop, dog or otherwise, always rolls downhill. Once she came to terms with it, she realized a lot about the world she was living in, and the world she wanted to inhabit from that day forward. She was always a bit of the anomaly in corporate America, and now she understands why — it was never really her in the first place.

If I had to pick six it would be Carolyn Keene, author of the original Nancy Drew series, because she originally got me into mysteries; Dennis Lehane, because his dark side fascinates me; Hunter S. Thompson for dinner?


The Poisoned Pen

It features a detective and a reporter, and the first book takes place in an old insane-asylum-turned-school for emotionally and behaviorally challenged students. Lots of crazy stuff going on behind those walls! Liz Mugavero is a marketing and communications professional and animal lover from the Boston, Mass. Currently based near Hartford, Conn. Then we go next door to the art-deco Varsity Theatre to watch a great new film, pick up a Woodstock pizza and head home, where I discover that Joe the UPS guy in my daydream UPS delivers on Sunday has left a parcel of books on the porch.

I crack one open after the pizza, as the sun goes down and the frogs start up. I have a signature pen; does that count? And then she finds something that will change her life. There are over ten novels in the series, with more coming out each year and are written by Catriona McPherson. Dandy Gilver is one bored housewife and decides to take on a case of who stole some diamonds at a ball celebrating armistice.

Her friend, Daisy, who hosted the party, asks her to asks questions with a cover of ditzy gossip to find out the truth of what happened. Cara Duffy, a lovely woman, suddenly dies in a cottage near the sea in Galloway; the police rule her death as just an accident, and high society seems to agree.

Cara Duffy is one of the last people to be in possession of the diamonds. There is something that is being hidden by each member of the Duffy family, even Cara herself that Dandy cannot seem to catch sight of.