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Doom Castle by Neil Munro

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Stock Image. An ancient castle, where Victor von Doom was raised as royalty in it's ruins.

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The fate of the castle following a local Mutant uprising, remains unknown. The Avengers Earth brought Doom's Time Machine and their alternate counterparts back to Doom's stateside castle in order to repair the device and return history back to normal. As the Scarlet Centurion appeared to reveal the whole ordeal was actually orchestrated by him to take over the Earth, Goliath shrank down to Ant-Man size and activated the time machine, sending the Centurion into the far future, and the Avengers back to their own version of history.

The Watcher appeared and explained to the leader that the Scarlet Centurion was formally known as the time traveler Rama Tut, and after his meeting with Dr.

ISBN 13: 9781512250220

Doom became the Centurion. Having defeated the Centurion, the Avengers sent him to the year 4,, where he would become Kang the Conqueror. Situated in New Latveria, one of the last remaining Human societies in a Mutant dominated world. Castle Doomstadt is besieged by Zombified Super-Heroes despite being defended by a magical force-field , as it is the last remaining location on Earth which has any uninfected Humans.

Unfortunately, several hordes of Zombified Super-Heroes break through the magical force-field protecting the castle, thus the castle is ransacked by the Zombies and infect the available Humans thankfully the Latverian civilians are teleported safely into a different dimension by Doctor Doom. It was later rebuilt under Doom's rule, between Antikva Village and Gojradia, as a link between old and new Latveria, and Doom's authority on them.

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Castle Doom, formally served as the residence of Victor von Doom until his death , and then served as the residence of Reed Richards who had taken to wearing a Dr. Doom's armor and living in Doom's old castle. The castle was attacked by a collection of heroes who tried to free the Four from the Fantastick. Williams Amora Enchantress.

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