Gift from the Heart (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Sisters & Brides, Book 2)

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This is the sweet classic version of the previously published book, MacLain's Wife. When the mail-order bride sharing her stagecoach runs away, Polly Brown takes her place. Why not? It seems like a good i Mia Stanton, real estate agent extraordinaire, is thrilled to have Conner McKaslin for a client. Her secret high school crush on him is completely and totally over—and she's smart enough not to fall for him a second time.

Conner is the w Bounty hunter Fitz Callahan arrives in Timber Valley on a job. That's all this is.

He's on the hunt for a certain woman, he'll deliver the kid who's hired him to find her and then he's gone. Out of here. He's not used to civilization or dom When Dee accepts the proposal of a mail-order husband, she's convinced there has to be something wrong with him. He's too handsome, too kind, too honest, too decent. What is the deep dark secret he's running from--and will it jeopardize her growing Charlotte arrives in Timber Valley as a mail-order bride expecting to marry a man who's sworn to love her. After losing her family, she's hoping to find those loving ties again—but her hopes are dashed.

She's left standing alone and betrayed on the Sarah Combs loves being the town schoolteacher, but she's always dreamed of getting married and finding her own happily-ever-after. When Lucas McMillian rides into town to save the day, he wins her heart.

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Finally, after a lifetime of Mr. Wrongs here The Timber Valley Brides series is a sensual historical trilogy. The Bounty Hunter's Bride has sensual content.

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He's on the hunt for a certain woman, he She's left standing alone on the train platfo His Forever Bride has sensual content. His father is ailing, and he's determined to step in and take care of the family business. A secret love Oscar Holloway has fallen in love with the town of Bluebell and the people in it, but his time here is almost over.

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He's hoping to get his old job back, which means he'll be leaving this place for good. His only problem is the secret She can admit it. Just because he's fun and makes her heart skip a beat, that is no good reason to let her defenses down. He is a carefree type and not looking for commitment. And s Mail-order bride Abby Carpenter can't wait to arrive in Star's Bluff and meet her betrothed.

Clay is the finest of men and will make the perfect husband. With dreams of her future happiness, she boards the train only to bump into a man from her past Bailey Reed is supposed to be closing up the bakery and heading home when the wi-fi thief, otherwise known as Flynn McKaslin, knocks on the door. That man is pure trouble not to mention pure handsomeness and she ought to kick him to the curb, send He's come home to Bluebell, Montana, where he grew up, to check on his grandmother, help her if she needs it, and then he's gone back to Seattle and the life he's building there.

Gabriel is coming to town and Aumaleigh has no idea. Will sparks fly or will the past keep them apart?

Stolen Child

Finally, will they find love? Big time. This is book 6 in the McPhee Clan, a shorter, between the sisters story and includes cameo appearances of all the McPhee sisters, their aunt Aumaleigh and her lost love, Gabriel. After calling off her wedding, Penelope Shalvis fled Boston with a broke Book 5. Seth Daniels knows he doesn't have a chance with blond and beautiful Rose McPhee, who hires him to find the perfect horse. He never lets down a client and he'll die before disappointing Rose. So, he starts his mission to find her a trustwo Addy Granger has given up on love--for herself, anyway.

Wedding bells seem to be ringing away for other members of her family, but not for her. No way, no how. She is currently suffering from a severe case of love doom, and down deep she fears she Thirteen-year-old Amelia longs for a new ma. Little George needs a father's guidance. For their children's sake, Cole Matheson and Mercy Jacobs agree on a businesslike marriage. But though Cole tries to keep his distance, Mercy offers the very thing When Gil Blackburn finds beautiful Maebry O'Riley in need of assistance, it's his duty to come to her aid--even if he's only pretending to be her beau and rescuing her from the unwanted advances of Lawrence Latimer.

Gil's been sweet on Maebry ever s When mail-order bride Maggie Carpenter steps off the train in Pine Haven, Montana Territory, she can't wait to meet her one true love, Chester, who seems perfect in every way.

Maybe too perfect. Especially when she hunts him down in a saloon and re Book 4. This is a between the sisters story and shorter, approximately 40, words. Annie McPhee isn't looking for love--she's come to Bluebell for a job at her aunt's ranch. And even if she finds herself drawn to the handsome teamster she hired to Book 3.

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Bounty hunter Zane Reed arrives in town, vowing to hunt down the escaped criminal Ernest Craddock at any cost. An easy job--except for his new client, Verbena McPhee. She captures him with her kindness and beauty, but how can a drifter, a A Summer For Love When Ella Parnell rescues Shrek, the family's friendly bull from next-door-neighbor Nate Cannon's back porch, the last thing she expects is to feel a connection to the man. She's loved and lost, and doesn't believe happily-ever Book 2. The last thing Magnolia McPhee wants to admit is her feelings for handsome and wealthy Tyler Montgomery. After all, she's been burned by a rich guy before and vowed never again.

So why isn't her attention fully focused on settling into her A safe and stable life, that's what Daisy McPhee is wishing for. But when her wagon breaks down leaving her and her four sisters stranded in a cruel storm, she starts to think her fortune is never going to change. Until a tall, dark and handsome st Shelby Craig comes to Snow Falls for a First Night job, but secretly hopes it will be a respite from her grief and a haven for her two young kids.

A sympathetic cop becomes the determined widow's staunchest ally-though helping her may break his heart Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Brian Wallace and Belle Colby were married with two sets of twins -- toddler boys and infant girls. Then the young family was torn apart. Each took a girl and boy and went their separate ways -- never to see one another aga Christina Eberlee is desperate for the safe haven promised to her by the Montana man whose bridal ad she answered.

Yet she can't forget the handsome marshal who helps her on the journey. Maybe venturing from her planned path could lead Christina to t Finishing medical school at the top of her class, Chelsea McKaslin always achieves her goals. Now back home in Sunshine, Wyoming, her Christmas goal is to succeed as a pediatrician. In no way do her plans include Dr. Michael Kramer, despite the fact A lonely beauty, a handsome drifterWhen her father abandons her on their new Montana homestead, Kit Chapman is left with nothing but her skills with horses and an idea for a way to hold onto her land.

Chance Reunion? Bumping into her ex-fiance shatters Millie Wilson all over again. Now that she's back in Montana to care for her dying father, her real burden is the secret she's never divulged to Hunter McKaslin. Millie can't blame Hunter for his Willa Conner learned a long time ago that love is only in fairy tales. Left widowed, pregnant and penniless, Willa's last hope is the stranger who answers her ad for a husband. Austin Dermot, a hardworking Montana blacksmith, doesn't know what to Former Alaskan sled-dog musher Ben Grayson is still grieving the tragic loss of his dog team.

So much that he put the reins -- and his dreams -- away. Now a photographer, Ben's covering the Gold Rush Trail sled-dog race. He's surprised his heart i A place to heal That's all Brooke McKaslin yearns for. She's returned to Montana on family business, hoping to leave her past behind. And to shield the secret she carries. She's not planning on staying long -- until she begins working for repor With every good deed done, and helping hand offered, we are making the world a better place. The ded While summering in Wild Horse, Wyoming, Dr. Adam Stone's young daughters gain an immediate hold on veterinarian Cheyenne Granger's heart.

And the tall, handsome newcomer brings with him quiet whispers of fairy-tale endings. But Cheyenne had given up When contacted by her long-lost grandmother, Lauren McKaslin wanted to reconnect with all the warmhearted Montana McKaslins.

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  • For too long, she'd relied solely on herself. But mistrustful lawman Caleb Stone stood in the way of her dreams, and his ques After suffering amnesia, Jack Emerson, wakes in a small Montana town with no idea who he is or what his life was like.

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    His only clue to his true identity is the beautiful woman at his side. A woman he apparently traveled to Montana to marry. Tate Winters seeks a bride for Gertie's sake, not his own. But as his reserve thaws before Felicity's sunny optimism, this new family learns that together On the journey to her new life, Sara Mercer decides to make one pit stop to see the daughter she gave up for adoption four years ago. She only wants to catch a glimpse of the child she has longed for, but mother nature has other plans. When a blizzar Grateful when she's hired as the Davises' maid, Ruby Ballard vows to help save her family's farm.

    There's just one problem: the boss's handsome son, Lorenzo.