How to Stop Annoying Employee Behavior

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12 Terribly Rude Co-workers, and How to Deal With Them

There are, however, other, less-humiliating things you can say, says Alan Cavaiola, clinical psychologist and author of Toxic Coworkers: How to Deal With Dysfunctional People on the Job , who suggests setting boundaries with a set of stock responses. And in cases where the annoying person is bugging you over Slack, Gchat, or other chatting service?

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If strategies No. If you do end up going that route, try to have some sort of documentation that shows just how disruptive your annoying co-worker is being.

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When you frame your issue in terms of a disruption to productivity, and you have some kind of evidence, your boss or HR department is much likelier to take the issue seriously. Sure, today you want to scream into your cubicle wall, but in a year, maybe, this could make for prime happy-hour storytelling. A doctor, or the writer for a popular half-hour workplace sitcom, even.

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How to Tackle Annoying Employee Habits and Issues

Photo: Getty Images. This will make working together more tolerable, she said.

If the issue with your co-worker involves them constantly pestering you with non-work items, Huhman said to diplomatically turn them away. If you want to solve the issue once and for all, a direct approach is best.

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Fata said that issues with co-workers can have you heading for the door. Before you consider leaving the company, you should confront your co-worker. The sooner it is resolved, the better the chances of improving your work environment," Fata said.

Oh look, your coworker’s changing his pants in his cubicle again.

You might think the co-worker who's constantly bugging you is doing it on purpose, but chances are they're not aware of their impact on you. Huhman recommended maintaining a positive attitude around that person.

Fierce Conversations: How to Address Toxic Employees

At the end of the day, it's up to you to stay focused on what you need to accomplish and to have a positive attitude at work. Additional reporting by Chad Brooks and Marci Martin. Some source interviews were conducted for a previous version of this article.

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