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It has been slightly over 3 years thus far that I have been a client at Illusions. I have had only very positive experiences so far, and hope it continues to become a permanent long time client. I was looking for a new stylist to correct my color as I just cut my hair short and the color did not compliment at all. I searched google and looked over manysalons until i found Erin.

I have never had such unbelievable, top notch service!

World of Illusions - Camera Obscura and World of Illusions Edinburgh

Erin is not only the salon manager, but a master colorist. She does a great consultation and checked on me while calling me by name more times than I can count. She made me aware of everything she was about to do and how it would be done. She helped educate me on ways to style and product use.

Our Awesome Team

I am thankful and look forward to seeing g Erin work her magic on me again soon! I truly love this place. Everyone is so nice.

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  7. My stylist, Linda, is excellent in coloring and styling my hair. We love video! Most of the staff at Grand Illusions used to work in television, and we get a lot of fun making videos of the products in the Grand Illusions Toy Shop, and also the wonderful toys in Tim's collection - the Toy Museum.

    The Most Fun Museum in San Francisco

    If you just want to see our videos, you can go straight to our YouTube channel. However please remember that items in Tim's collection are not for sale.

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    Sign up to receive our newsletter. Our monthly free newsletter has all the latest information about items in the Toy Shop, new videos showing toys from Tim's amazing toy collection, plus the latest articles we have come across from the web.

    enjoying the Magic

    Unusual, hard to find toys - magnets, optical illusions and much more! Where Science meets Magic, and Fun meets Education! Many items are made in small quantities, and you won't find them elsewhere! Best Sellers.

    Reversing Goggles. Geobender Cube "Nautilus".

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    Boogie Dice. Vortex Dome.

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