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When organizing a space, keep things as simple as possible. If you are into sketching or painting, keep your pencils, colors, brushes and drawing sheets nearby in an orderly fashion.

6 Effective Presentation Techniques Inspired by Marie Kondo

Create an easily accessible space for things that go hand in hand or which are used in pairs such as scissors and tape, pencil and sharpeners to name a few. Nothing gives me more motivation to get organized than knowing I have some guests coming over. After all, one can make a lot about your personality by just having a quick glance at your house. Otherwise, you might end up in an embarrassing situation. Tune to your favorite playlist. Play something that puts you in motion — rock, jazz, hip hop, rap as the options are endless. Get everyone involved. Nothing is more fun when a bunch of like-minded people get together to make more space and organize things.

When to use it?

You can make teams or go solo and get to the process. If you wish to declutter your workplace, then analyze, strategize, and organize. Analyze the space and things. Strategize to figure out how you want the space to be and organize things to where they belong. Look at the bigger picture. It might be debatable but I strongly believe that getting organized can really contribute to success and a better you.

15 Top Tips to an Organized College Binder

We lose so many precious minutes and energy on finding usual stuff everyday. However, if we just take a minute or two to put things at their right place, we can save much time and energy. When you combine these factors, you start taking better decisions, become more accountable, and create a life that is organized, happy, and blissful. Organizing is a journey.

Bible Journaling for Beginners HOW TO : 5 Tips to Stay Organized and Inspired!

Most of us consider this organizing thing as a one-time job whereas it is no less than a journey in itself. There are many organizational, work management tools , and productivity apps that can help you set small goals and get organized.

27 Great Tips to Keep Your Life Organized : zen habits

Finding ways to get and stay motivated is almost more important than organizing itself. The above tips are just some of the ways I keep myself motivated. I would love to know how you stay organized at work and home. Author Bio:. Vartika Kashyap runs the marketing team at ProofHub — a project management software for teams of all sizes.

  1. Rule #1: Commit yourself to tidying up.
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He is leader of a local church evangelical , and works to share the Gospel together with a committed team of leaders and church members. Darrin is an avid reader, and a student of motivation, personal effectiveness, leadership, emotions and relationships.

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  • He also enjoys writing and has two books to his credit. He spent 18 years with the insurance industry in Zimbabwe , where he gained hands-on experience working with teams; during this time, he discovered his interest in people and their development. You can do this one of two ways.

    First, you could use page protectors with tabs, like how the amazingly organized Classtimecouture does it! You could also purchase dividers that are smaller in size. Create colorful or nice looking notes that you will want to review later. This will help you to work hard on your notes which will help you retain information and encourage you to reference later because they look pretty.

    Binder Clips these are my favorite to use because they offer an assortment of sizes are perfect for collecting all of your loose material! One great way to do this is to clip your current flashcards into your front cover. Another great way to use them is to create a make-shift clipboard on the outside of your binder for taking notes on smaller desks or outdoors! Binder clips are also great to use for creating DIY pen loops! Just attach your binder clip to one of your last pages or dividers should be something sturdy , and clip in your favorite pen or highlighter!

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    • In order to combat this, you can create nice removable bookmarks to move from place to place within your binder. It is great to color-code these by class and laminate them or cover them with packaging tape to increase durability. Be sure to make them unique enough that they stand out and are easily identifiable. Every time you receive a new handout, lab, assignment, etc.

      1. Flip your hangers

      This will help you maintain organization! In addition to using a portable hole punch, be sure to take some time to clean out your binder each week. I prefer to do this each time I thoroughly read through my notes, but you can do this any time. Just be sure it is done! When doing this, be sure to go through all of your tasks in your inside cover folder, toss any unwanted pages or scratch papers, and to take note of any upcoming deadlines! So there you have it! My top tips, tricks, and ideas for an organized college binder! I truly hope these tips have helped and inspired you to organize your binder.

      They have saved me a ton of time in the long run and I am sure will for you as well!