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I'm really glad that it's worked so well as this dress. You are very on trend as all the Brit magazines are saying 70's are back for our summer ! Very striking and pretty fabric and I loved all the details you included in your story of making. I am glad the 70's are back, even though we can leave the collars behind : I'm also relieved to hear that I'll still be 'on trend' when summer rolls back around ;.

This is awesome! I can't see what's not quite right about your gathers, I think they look perfect and are a lovely detail. And how great do you look in yellow, by the way?!

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Thanks Jenny! I'm slowly adding more yellow, this fabric has all kinds of summery goodness going on! My adoration of this make is to be expected really. I'm loving it and would steal it if I could. I am also a believer in horizontal buttonholes and I'm going to stick to my guns in future on that one.

Enjoy that lovely summer breeziness while it's still here! And I've put some thought into the buttonhole question, clearly as 'team horizontal' we have valid points ; Then again, I do seem to have my hands in my pockets a lot in these photos, so there is a case for vertical strain Oh, I love it! You look so effortlessly cool and comfortable - no small thing in our summer! All the details are so lovely; the sleeves, the yoke, the gathers - love them all. And that yellow could not be more perfect Hope you can get some autumn wear out of it; it'd be such a shame if it didn't get out and about again till next summer!

Thanks Danielle! I did think of your fabulous 70's shirt dress as I was enjoying all the little 70's details in this pattern, it really was a lovely era for patterns, well if we can look past the fabrics This is the making of a great summer! I want this casual crisp thing you have going here! Fabulous Frock, you have elevated the humble house dress into Frock territory!

I am a fan of the house dress. It means I can answer the door looking slightly more respectable than in my pyjamas which are clearly pyjamas and cannot be fobbed off as lounge wear or exercise gear which is invariably a little smelly but they are still practical enough to do chores in.

There is no tweed in sight, which makes her less quintessentially English, imo. I do note a heavy reliance on flowered skirts and layered, solid colored tops. It is quite modest, too, and conservative.

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It says, I am a nicely dressed, feminine person, modest, and of some status in the community. I make an effort. But one consistent with local mores and my budget. I think we would all agree that we dress in appropriate clothing for each occasion. Within that scheme, however, there is a range or variety of choices we can make. I have a certain style that I gravitate towards and hope enhances my appearance.

Her clothes distinguish her from the other women in Portwenn and, to me, give her a somewhat young adult look or maybe tending towards too young, at least until she returns pregnant. Her femininity, for example, is really apparent in contrast to Edith.

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Edith wears quite severe clothing to go along with her no nonsense approach, with the possible exception of her shoes. Funny that. Also funny that Martin cares about shoes and notices them several times. I should have referred people to it. To a great extent in this show, what Louisa wears always looks much more pulled together than what the other women wear. What else can we say? Another reason may be that she did live in London again for a time between S4 and S5.

I would imagine that the teachers there dressed a little more formally or fashionably than she did in Port Wenn and that she followed suit.

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I think she may have also become more interested in her clothing now that she actually has someone looking at it. Not that Martin ever offers compliments voluntarily, but we know that she wants to look nice, and that he thinks she does. Pauline, and Morwenna and to a lesser extent Elaine all have …. But their clothes are not just pieces randomly thrown together without purpose.

I think they each care about how they look, have what they consider a unique personal style and dress accordingly. They also both wear makeup. The traditional professional clothing were suitable for the workplace but not for feeding chickens! And now that she lives in town, her clothes are still quite formal for village life.

Kirsty Housedress English Edition

As for Louisa, I think her clothes change gradually to reflect her increasing maturity, that is, she becomes a mother and wife and she chooses more practical and conservative items. But at home, she dresses down a bit, which would make sense, having a baby to deal with.

I would never dress like Pauline, Morwenna or Elaine, especially as a receptionist to a doctor, but I think they do have a very personal style that comes across. I have noticed that she has become much more savvy with regard to patients and the doctor over time. Her common sense is becoming more apparent. But that is getting off subject a bit…. Oh my yes! She looks as if she is not quite comfortable wearing it either….. I think it was the premiere of a movie she directed. She was wearing the orange flowered, full-skirted number, with a blue shrug.

So maybe CC has some input into what she wears? They may actually shop with the wardrobe designer. I do think a lot of thought goes in to how to make the clothes as the set dressing convey information to us. I agree with those who say she dresses slightly more fashionably in S6. Interesting to think of how she and Martin manage their money. But since he is likely paying the mortgage on the cottage, and she has less living expenses, probably more disposable income for clothes.

talking about graduation anxiety while doing my makeup for graduation 🎓 JJs House Graduation Dress

Agreed — that dress is terrible on her! In one she is wearing a dress with a similar pattern — green with white stylized flowery things and red centers. Also worn with a green cardigan. You and I certainly differ on that. In every show, the costume department plays a significant role and often receive awards for their efforts. Anyway, I can agree wholeheartedly with what you say about the receptionists and their clothing. The costumers have had lots of fun with them. I remember seeing where Jessica Ransom is surprised to find out what she will be wearing for each episode and that they have decided to use animal prints for her clothes.

Of course the excessive amount of jewelry she wears is pretty conspicuous too. I checked out the dress Santa mentions and think she is absolutely right about it. Sometimes mistakes are made, as they say! I may have a few more comments about clothing in the show because I do consider it important as a canvas and indicator of a variety of traits pertinent to the characters. Yes thats true, she has a bit more money to play with in S6.

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  8. I know she helped pick out the wedding dress. She was very impressed with it and it looked beautiful on her. I think she does have a good amount of input as far as her clothes go.