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Children forget many things as they grow and learn, and the struggle to learn how to read is often one of them. The letters of the alphabet can be difficult, but many toys and educational tools have been made available to help them through this first phase of reading instruction.

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They might not remember playing with blocks or sounding out the letters, but this is where their reading skills began. Adults who are not literate struggle in the modern world, and they understand it keeps them from achieving some important accomplishments in life.

There are societies where it is not as important as others, but independence is part of the value they get from learning this skill. Once they have the ability to read, they no longer need to ask others what written information says. They can take charge of their own lives by reading whatever they want or need.

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Learning generally becomes more difficult as a person ages, and it is true with learning to read. Some people, too embarrassed by their lack of knowledge, never do learn it. Others are determined they will add this skill, and they take classes with local teachers and volunteers.

While it might be a long struggle for them, their pride in this important achievement is matched by their ability to navigate the world better. Top 10 Reading Apps For Kids. Learning sight words is an important component of a balanced approach to literacy. Sight Words are an important component to a balanced approach to literacy.

Learning to recognize…. What are Word Families?

Learn to Read

Beginning readers can benefit greatly from learning and implementing word families. Roll and Read Sight Words Learning to recognize sight words also known as high-frequency words …. Love this post!!

As a former 1st grade teacher now SAHM, you summarized all of that so beautifully! I agree with so much of what you said! Thanks for sharing! So, I decided to just send you a message. Love your blogs. Melanie West. Good article,I have trained my child for reading and writing with one of the online course it helped my child to read and write very fast , parents those who looking for full guide. Thanks for your post…can I ask you for some advice??? What I mean is she knows all her letter names and sounds, knows how to sound out words, knows several dozen sight words, knows to read a book from front to back, top to bottom, left to right, etc.

Any advice is much appreciated. From my experience reading is not only about word call and decoding. Your child needs to look at the print, slide their finger under what they are reading, get their mouth ready and sound it out. Work with word families and use an easy reader that has the word family in it. When you begin a story reload the vocabulary. You can use magnetic letter, dry erase markers on a table to to sound out main words in the story.

For example if you have an easy reader that uses the family -op, then work and teach words that are in the story like mop, top, etc. Then when the child sees the word in print in the context of the story they should be able to recognize the family and use decoding skills to figure out the word. One last thing, your daughter is only five.

She just may not be developmentally ready to just pick up a book and read. Keep doing what you are doing and use the suggestions above and you will see progress.

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Your daughter is already ahead of most of her kinder peers already. How can i help my nephew read or write? Well if you are teaching him nicely he will learn better, if he has some kind of disability it will be even harder. Make reading for him fun!

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I would echo everything that Mrs. Try the Bob books starting with the blue box 1. They learned the letters from leap frog and sight words from learn the sight words DVDs then they just taught themselves to read using bob books.

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  • After the blue box we went to the sight words purple box. Then level 2 yellow box then level 3 red box. Now they read level 1 books from the library and other series books. They get 1 piece of candy for each book they read so they come to me to read a book. Sometimes they will read 3 or 5 books in a day so they can have a piece of small candy for each. Just want to ask if you bought the sight words dvd also from leapfrog company. I would say that no earlier than around 4.

    Excellent recommendations and guidelines! LOVE your post! You have captured so many important Pre-reading skills. What a great post! May I ask for some advice? I am homeschooling my 7 year old daughter. Our curriculum has her learning about new vocabulary words a day.

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    She has a bit if trouble. She can read a sepecific word, and then have to read it in a sentence on the next page and completely blanks. What do I do? How do I handle this? She also tends to see a letter and assume what word it is ex. How do I help her get through this?

    I have not been able to find any resources on reading for a 1st grader. Also what level she should be at, if that even matters right now. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Hmmm…it sounds to me like maybe you need to look around at some other supplemental reading curriculum out there. If so, I think you might be better off spending at least a little bit more time teaching elements of phonemic awareness and phonics to where she will have the skills to actually learn to decode a word and not just memorize it.

    It taught all of the vowel sounds as well as blends, digraphs, and phonics rules. I would say that with ANY reading curriculum you use, you need a healthy balance that focuses on: reading comprehension, phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, and vocabulary. Hope that helps! That helped him identify the words himself I think. I love this post! As a former first grade teacher, I am thrilled to see that the information you shared comes from experience.

    I also think that a huge developmental challenge for these little guys is confidence.

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    Great post!