Norwegian Recipes: Old-time Favorites (Stocking Stuffer Cookbooks Book 2)

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Norwegian Food - How to make Fårikål

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Norma Wangsness (Author of Norwegian Recipes)

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Join the globetrotting Jeff Cioletti as he explores the tradition, consumption, and production of alcohol in 11 distinct global regions. Starting at the international dateline and moving west, Cioletti shares thoughts on the relationships of the people who inhabit these regions with alcohol and even throws in cocktail recipes from renowned international bartenders and connoisseurs to boot. For the first time ever comes a book that unites two of the best things in the world: nerd culture, and booze.

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Seen as a nutritional necessity, this beer came from grain, fresh spring water, and was primarily brewed by women. This book reminds us that sometimes the simplest way is best. Food-writer, cook, and photographer Valeria Necchio shares the food and flavors at the heart of the Veneto region in northeastern Italy.

Veneto includes lovingly written recipes that capture the spirit of this beautiful and often unexplored region as well as Valeria's memories of the people and places that make the Veneto so special. Packed with fresh ingredients and lively flavors, the recipes range from soups, pastas, and risottos, a mouthwatering selection of Italian sweet treats, and sweet and savory preserves for your pantry to ensure year-round deliciousness.

This book explores the intersection of cooking, eating, health, and wellness by offering recipes designed to help you improve every aspect of your life.

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