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The 5 Waves Australian wave pool pumped out its first waves this week.

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The Surf Lakes company proudly launched the design for all the world to see. In attendance, Occy, Barton Lynch and Parko frothed over the quality and power of this next generation wave producing technology.

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The plunger works like a stone dropped in a pond. Once the hub is depressed it sends out waves in degrees.

  1. Surf with Occy and Jay in the Maldives.
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  3. Surf with Occy and Jay in the Maldives.

Anyone who has used a float while fishing has seen the little ripples it creates when a fish takes the bait. Surf Lakes works like this.

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But big. However the PerfectWaves air pushes out from several strategically located chambers, and the air can be activated at different times to produce various types of waves. Earlier in October the company released a YouTube clip explaining how they were busy shaping the bottom contours of the new facility to create this variety of waves. Operators who run our Surf Parks can dial up a range of productivity options to suit the crowd, as well as run swell sizes to match the customer needs. For example, If they have a lake full of primary school children, there is no point running 8-foot barrels, so can wind down the size, which will actually increase the productivity even further.

OCCY Design

Surf Lakes said the 5 Waves concept rates each wave according to its level of difficulty, similar to snow ski resort. The 5 Waves concept allows for learners, experienced surfers and professionals, to surf perfect waves simultaneously. The benefits for operators is that a facility like this one will cater to the total spectrum of surf skills, from nacent beginner to Parko and Mick out for some slab practice. The company added that the Intermediate wave is perfect for short boards, long boards, SUPs and surf skis.

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