Seeking the Master of Mo Pai: Adventures with John Chang

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I'd have to give the same answer that Sifu Anthony gave as to why I am not so worried and trying to seek out Sifu Chang or other masters, as I train currently with a master under whom I have seen and experienced things beyond anything I was familiar with before, and under who'se training I obtain countless and uncomparable benefits. Welsome to our humble forum. I am not exactly sure what it is you want to know. What is it that you need? What is are your aim s? I am certain that Master Chang is not the sole holder of truth.

I am sure there is someone else who can help you. All the Best, Alex. Darkrider, Helping others is good. I don't think you should be a firmean, that is one crazy job! But one thing I noticed in life is that you have to help yourself before you can be of much help to those around you. You may already know this, of course I don't think anyone is not including you, and I didn't mean to say you weren't humble. I just liked the sound of "our humble school" to be honest. You have made repeated references to terrible things that have happened or do happen.

This is true, terrible things do happen and it is a shame. From my experience and of those I know and care about, you have to find a way to let go of them and to steadily but surely brush yourself off and move on to a new life of radiance, selfrespect, hope, and progress.

One way to start doing that is just to Smile. And then to help others do all those things once I am firmly doing so myself. To answer your question: what do you think about I would say that I absolutely love practicing chi kung and I am not able to convey how much learning this art has changed my life. The other people I have met who practice genuine high level chi kung have been the most beautiful and inspiring people I have ever met.

I hope you find what you are looking for.

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With Shaolin Salute, darkrider. My daughter and I do a mean duet of it in the car :. Not quite sure where you are going with that though. Still, best wishes, Barry mark v 31st May , PM. Dear Darkrider, What will happen when you find this master.

The Magus of Java - the story of John Chang

Did lord Buddha and lord Jesus, not teach us enough to change ourselfs and help us to heal the world. If you can not find what you are looking for in there teachings. You may have a problem.

For there are no higher Masters. I wish you good luck on your quest, Seek and ye shall find Why not darkrider? Please stick to the topic, or take the conversation to private messages, or to another thread. Could you answer this please? I thought that both Master Kosta and Master Andreas are currently still mopai members but was only allowed to pass their current level because of a certain incident in Could you please confirm this?

Tu Le. Is Master Kosta level 3 or 4? Note: level 5 is fusing yin and yang from a Mopai student. Man, you are blessed with good karma to have the contacts of all these masters. The "will of heaven" or Jodo must be in your favour. Hopefully, you will train under a good one. Darkrider, Did Sifu Shen tell you what level he was? Have you had any experience in his abilities? Did he elaborate to you on his experiences in the Mopai?

Has anyone spoken to any senior students of Wang Li Ping?

Chi Master ~John Chang : The Magus Of Java ! - Psychedelic Adventure

It appears that besides the book - Opening the Dragon Gate - there has been virtually nothing in relation to the group. Whats the deal? HugoDarien Good Day! Jak :. As I longer know: Sifu: Shen told me that he are the only one certified instructor or teacher that have learn from Sifu: Wang Liping and that he, Sifu Shen are the only one that are certified to teach in all the part of the worlds there Wang Liping don't teach outside China I believe!

He told me that the only way to be contact whit Sifu: Wang Liping is to at least learn few days from him, and then you may could see or talk to Wang Liping, Sifu: Shen have many photos of Master: Wang Liping but he didn't want or can show those to the public! I hope this may be a help to you! Hey you can contact and ask Sifu: Shen for your self! Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate it. I would like to speak or email Sifu Shen if possible. It's interesting that Sifu Liping is no longer teaching or if he is.. How do you know this Sifu Shen?

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Does he have a website or does he teach privately? Jak HugoDarien. Good Day amiable good beautiful healthful immense in love friend of pure heart Jak! The first page I found about Sifu Shen and that I saw his email was this this email that are on this Homepage- tajendavid hotmail. What I mean by that is Kosta was considered by John Chang to be unworthy because of his book. You see, it wasn't what John wanted or expected. So, around John said he wouldn't continue teaching Kosta, and he is no longer considered a student, even though he made it out that he was.

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Andreas keeps telling eveyone that John Chang has retired, but this isn't true. And I might add that the truth doesn't hurt to be told, even here. I felt it is important for people to know the reality of this aspect of Mo Pai and John.

Chi Master ~John Chang : The Magus Of Java !

Andreas is known for his "secretive" nature. He likes to make things appear to be mysterous than they really need to be. The truth is, John was forced to "retire" because he was told by "his spirit master" two before his immediate teacher that he could not be Mo Pai's master any longer because he allowed non-Chinese into the school. This is the real reason why he has retired from the leadership of Mo Pai.