Swan Songs: extracts from my life with Stardust Twinkles (The Stardust Diaries Book 1)

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Perkins in Virginia, Glenn W. Robert P. Emlen 5 40 A Colonial Fifth Maonarchist? It is a central theme from this William Wyler -directed epic , and one of the romantic highlights of the score and the film. Ben-Hur "The Miracle" [audio clip at that link], music by Miklos Rozsa , is a restatement of the central theme from this magnificent soundtrack, with hallelujah chorus bringing the film to a triumphant finale.

A Happy Easter to all my Eastern Orthodox friends and family!

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Christos Anesti! Ben-Hur "The Mother's Love" [YouTube link], composed by Miklos Rozsa , is one of the most melancholy themes from this William Wyler -directed blockbuster , which won a record 11 Oscars , including a well-deserved one for its magnificent score. Heston has the distinction of appearing in what is considered to be the last of the "classic" costume epics " The Ten Commandments " and this, the first of the modern intimate "thinking man's" epics " Ben-Hur " , noted for providing deep characterization amidst grand spectacle.

Ironically, in both films, actress Martha Scott played Charlton Heston's mother and today's theme captures "the mother's love" so poignantly. It's become a tradition during my annual film music tribute, which started way back in , to pick a cue on this date, my birthday , from my all-time favorite film and film score and I have no intention of changing that tradition anytime soon. How appropriate to highlight this selection especially for "the mother's love" that gave me life and nurtured me as I grew to maturity. ET on March 4th. It's the most obvious period at the end of any cinema sentence, since it is still among the most honored films in Oscar history.


Ben-Hur "Overture" [YouTube link], composed by Master Maestro Miklos Rozsa , encapsulates all the main thematic content of my favorite soundtrack and film of all time. It's become a tradition on my birthday to pick a cue from this Academy Award-winning film a total equaled by " Titanic " and the third installment of " Lord of the Rings ," but never surpassed, and neither of those films received Oscars in any of the acting categories. Divine inspiration? All I know is that I turn 55 today; my loving Dad passed away in , three months short of his 56th birthday.

So I figure if I beat that, I'm good for another Right now, I count my blessings that my eyes open every morning.

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I count my blessings for the passion of my work and for the love and support of my family and my friends. Cheers to a life worth living. For that reason alone, indeed, I shall " row well, and live. It acts as a fanfare for a scene rated among the " most thrilling " action sequences ever committed to celluloid , according to the American Film Institute.

https://hukusyuu.com/profile/2019-12-25/spion-auf-dem-handy.php Ben-Hur "Prelude" [audio clip at that link], music by Miklos Rozsa , announces the main theme from what is probably my favorite film score , composed by one of my favorite composers , for my favorite movie , the film version of the General Lew Wallace novel, starring Oscar-winner Charlton Heston in the title role. What better way to celebrate my own birthday than with my favorites? It is as if Rozsa captures all the pain of The Passion; it's a classic musical moment in a classic film. Ben-Hur "Roman March" or "Marcia Romana" [YouTube clip at that link], composed by Miklos Rozsa , is one of the master's grandest marches from the grandest of all epics.

Continuing Movie Music Month , this one's for me on my 51st birthday! Ben-Hur "Salute for Gratus" [audio clip at that link] is one of the grandest themes composed by Miklos Rozsa for my favorite film, " Ben-Hur. Ben-Hur "Salute for Messala" [audio clip at that link] is a second cue composed by the legendary Miklos Rozsa , which is heard in the MGM epic upon the arrival of Judah Ben-Hur 's childhood friend , Messala , who has returned to Jerusalem, a tribune of Rome, ready to assume command of the Roman garrison.

To me, despite the flaws and corruptions that have engulfed the soul of the man who becomes Ben-Hur's nemesis, this particular cue, designed to express the requisite regality, also expresses strength of character and certainty of purpose. And it was a cue that never showed up on the umpteen versions of this film's soundtracks that had been released since the film's debut. Since the beginning of Notablog, I've highlighted many cues from this soundtrack.

It's my 54th birthday, after all, and it allows me to offer an annual salute to my all-time favorite movie and my all-time favorite score. From my favorite movie , the version of " Ben-Hur ," these selections can be sampled from the soundtrack album here. This is, to my knowledge, the only suite I have heard that is different from any other pieces I have already highlighted from the soundtrack of my all-time favorite film.

But what makes it so very special is that it features the composer himself conducting the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in It is a special treat to see this man so alive with the music of the score that remains his crowning achievement. It is a true genius that we honor today [pdf link to my Rozsa essay] on the th anniversary of his birth [YouTube documentary on Rozsa]. Tomorrow, we begin a week-long Centenary Tribute to another musical legend from an entirely different genre.

Just don't drop your brown and yellow basket because within a week, it'll be filled with the glory of Ella. It's a tradition during Film Music February to pick a cue from my all-time favorite film , on this particular day because it's my birthday! This ain't birthday party musicno victory parade or parade of the charioteers! But it shows another thematic side of the grandest symphonic film score ever written by one of my all-time favorite composers. It's very effective!