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I raise my hand to all three. Oh, come on, this is ringing a bell or two. While I admit to a speck or two of vanity in my time, who hasn't been afflicted? Back in the day, instant visibility to photos was not an option. You had to have that roll of film properly processed. With the dawn of the digital age came the instant fix.

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Haven't you noticed the minute you snap that photo now on your digital camara, if there are actual bodies in that pic, you can't even say cheese before your comrades are huddled around wanting to review. And really, are they looking for group harmony? How the backdrop turned out? Fun embodied on a tiny screen? They are looking at themselves to determine whether or not it is a good picture.

And deciding if you have their approval to keep it.


I have a friend who must look at the photo taken immediately AND if said photo does not pass the litany of criteria, same friend will request demand the photo is deleted. Regardless if every other person looks like they just shot the cover of Vogue. And I love all the Frowners who resist and buckle under the simple request to get in a photo. Don't think for a second they are free from the allure of reviewing the very same photo they put up such a fight about taking in the first place.

We all know one. The particular Frowner I have in mind is also the first one to ask me for copies of my photos. Don't think you are vain? Not even a touch? You are the only one who isn't. Ever looked at yourself in the mirror? Multiple times a day? Checked that lip gloss, not just to ensure you remained inside the lines but also to see if your pucker is as glossy as it possibly can be? Ever looked at your caboose in those new Seven Jeans? Watched yourself workout? Put your little photo up on Facebook?

Hid a picture you thought was ugly?

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And we shouldn't be vain. But we are. It doesn't hurt us to want to look our best, especially in photos that will be passed and shared. And can be billboarded at our showers, weddings, or suprise birthday parties. However, if you have a photo of yourself, alone, as your screensaver, you need to tone it down.

Seen it. If you have a vanity plate period but especially one that reads "2Cute4U" , stop it. And if you trip over free weights on the gym floor because you are busy looking at yourself in the mirror, you are a jack ass. Seen it and I think he was making puckerlips at his reflection. And if you have a large painting of yourself over a fireplace in your home, wearing some kind of long flowing nightgown, circa Falcon Crest, like some throwback chanteuse, I thank you because you just made me feel times better about my shiny white dress and pumps picture.

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Thursday, March 26, My morning commute. Ahhh , spring has sprung in Atlanta so the air is still clean and we have yet to be blanketed with the heinous pollen that turns our cars and road yellowish green. These mornings, I have the sun roof open, and music accompanies my morning commute. On this particular day, I am driving the munchkin to school.

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We are laughing and signing songs as we drive along. I don't want to lay on brakes so heavily that locking them up is the only passageway out of an accident. And I certainly do not want to do that with my two year old in the car. And I certainly do not want to lock them up, with two year old in the car, when I can not express my displeasure through profanities because I have my two year old in the car.

So I try to say, as under my breath as possible, " areyoukiddingme? To which, my son, with razorsharp hearing, says "are you kidding me Mommy! I said to our son, "Actually, do you know what we should say when we honk the horn? We should say, 'Hi Friend! When I discussed above incident with JohnnyMac , I witnessed only the mildest alarm pass his face, but he did retort that he was relieved because it could have been so much worse.

Interesting tactic JohnnyMac. I asked him if he thought it sounded nice to hear those words out of our son's mouth who was only eighteen months at the time.

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JohnnyMac held strong to the "could have been worse" response but he did agree, such words, from a baby , not so nice. Now, I tried with all my might to say "Hi Friend" when I had a true opportunity to do so but I failed. I wanted to give my self a standing ovation for only saying "Are you kidding me" when one of my preferred phrases is these situations is "Are you! Mentally, reminding myself that I have to continue to work on patience and my wicked retorts. And then, we pulled up to a light and my son asked me "What's that man doing?

How do I know he was so pale? Because he was shirtless. And our windows were down. And his windows were down. So he looked over, and we looked back. And I didn't have a thing to say! So I told my son that man was enjoying his morning commute. My son asked "Where his shirt go? So let's just wave and say "Hi Friend! I know you are never far and I will continue to look for you everyday. Posted by JennyMac 0 witty and spry comments. Wednesday, March 25, Music to my ears. When I was pregnant, I put headphones on my growing tummy and played music for my tiny tenant.

I played a musical arc from violin to classic rock. Babies reportedly can sense rhythm and beat as early as three months. Even after he was born, I would play music while he was sleeping and sing to him constantly. When our son was about sixteen or seventeen months, we drove down to the beach in Florida. Its a long haul for a little one who no longer sleeps 20 hours per day. He did nap, but then he woke up and all my singing wasn't entertaining him in the least.

Our son was mesmerized. For hours. We aren't a " TV as babysitter" type family and admittedly, I was following the AAP's recommendation kids under two have a sans television life. But, Jimmy Buffett on a beach in Anguilla captured all of his attention. And when we tried to turn it off, he asked for more. So we decided to let him watch it, and tell him who it was, what he was seeing, and sing along with the songs. And an amazing thing happened that day. Our son became highly interested in music.

The Dover Scrabble Club's growing lexicon.

It initially started only when he would get in Daddy's car. He started to ask for Jimmy Buffett. By name.