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The alchemists, obsessed with secrecy, deliberately described their experiments in metaphorical terms laden with obscure references to mythology and history. This painstaking process of decoding allowed researchers, for the first time, to attempt ambitious alchemical experiments.

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The use of gold to make more gold would have seemed entirely logical to alchemists, Principe explains, like using germs of wheat to grow an entire field of wheat. Principe mixed specially prepared mercury and gold into a buttery lump at the bottom of a flask.

Then he buried the sealed flask in a heated sand bath in his laboratory. The mixture of metals had grown upward into a structure resembling coral or the branching canopy of a tree minus the leaves. What intrigues Principe and his fellow historians, though, is the growing evidence that the alchemists seem to have performed legitimate experiments, manipulated and analyzed the material world in interesting ways and reported genuine results.

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And many of the great names in the canon of modern science took note, says William Newman, a historian at Indiana University Bloomington. Other scholars have at times responded to this idea with outrage. Does this new view of alchemy make the great names in the early history of science seem more derivative and thus less great? New scientific ideas tend to develop out of older ones by a slow process of evolution and refinement. From that perspective, the scientific revolution may have been a little less revolutionary than we imagine.

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Featured: Bankruptcy Strands Thousands of Vactationers. At first you will immerse in the texts of wisdom, alchemy and personalities associated with alchemy, whether the alchemists themselves, or unexpected examples as Charles IV or William Shakespeare. Even his life story makes us understand that "there are many ways leading to magic, but the only way away from it…". Ground floor.

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As the adept of alchemy who spends the first years reading and exploring, there are information about alchemy and alchemists for you from leading experts including professors of Charles University. There is also a variety of interactive exhibits and you can enter the mysterious room of the Faust's house, where you will find not only stories of alchemists and magicians of old Prague, but also the basic motto of the museum: "there are many ways leading to magic, but the only way away from it…".

The only way is suggested by the legs of Doctor Faustus flying with up the Devil through the hole in the ceiling..

After you climb up 60 steps of one of the oldest wooden staircases in Prague, which was reportedly designed by Edward Kelley himself in the 16th century, you will enter the laboratory of the famous alchemist. He spent there the last three years of his life. Not only here, but throughout the whole Prague he left his memorable tracks.

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