The American Legal System for Foreign Lawyers (Aspen Coursebook)

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Ideal for teaching international lawyers about the U.

Eldon Reiley (Author of The American Legal System for Foreign Lawyers)

To effectively teach analysis and communication within the U. To prepare international lawyers for practice in the U.

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Chapter 1. An Introduction to the U. The U. An Introduction to U.

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Concept of Plagiarism and the Proper Attribution to Authority. Chapter 7.

Citing to Authority. Chapter Overall Contract Structure. Deborah B.


McGregor also created and ran an academic support program for fourteen years and developed the first writing course for LL. She developed and coordinates the third semester Legal Analysis, Research, and Communication course, which focuses primarily on transactional drafting. McGregor, a graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center, began her legal career in private practice, focusing on probate law and estate planning. Thereafter, she taught legal writing at the Indiana University School of Law — Bloomington before joining the law school faculty in Indianapolis.

McGregor was appointed assistant director of the legal writing program in Cynthia M. Adams is Clinical Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Latin American Law Program at Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis, where she has taught advanced contract drafting; contract drafting for international law students, legal analysis and communication for both J. Adams founded and manages a listserv devoted to teaching international law students and lawyers. She is a member of the Legal Writing Institute a U. Adams has made many presentations at regional, national, and international conferences.

Previously, Adams practiced law with an Indianapolis law firm, focusing on general business, acquisitions and mergers, commercial loans, and trusts and estates.

LAW 792-GRD: Legal Research and Writing for LLMs: Home

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