Tied Down in the Spirit

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Seductions Exposed - The spiritual dynamics of relationships Dr. Gary L. Greenwald AWESOME book that takes you behind the scenes of soul ties, transferring of spirits, and how the enemy can use various things to gain a 'bridge' into our souls. His powerful video training series is now available! Join our mailing list! Email: Mailing list information Click here to read what others are saying about this website!

'Tied Up in Knots' — Acts MESSAGE (God's Holy Fire)

The fear of the Lord It's not what you think! Live out your full years Wicked made for punishment? A closer look at Proverbs God's will on earth Just as it is in heaven?? How God sees us An important key to faith! Once-saved, Always-saved? Or just false security? Will God forgive me? Advice from the Holy Spirit Is God upset with me?

One of Satan's biggest lies Exposing dead religion 1 enemy of the cross! The Blood is Enough Complete forgiveness!! Religious Spirits Deliverance Prep What you can expect! Ambassadors for Christ Jesus' ministry today! Emotional buildup Easily offended? Or demons? Get in touch with us!

Basic Introduction to Soul Ties

Are you blessed by this site? We would love to hear from you! Using the name of Jesus Emotional buildup Easily offended? Opening demonic doors Even with your thoughts The Root of Bitterness Spiritual Roadblocks Most common blockages The dangers of rebellion A doorway to the demonic The soul versus the spirit There's a vital difference!

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Resist the devil and he'll flee Exposing a misinterpretation Do I have a demon? Don't they leave automatically? Did the devil make you do it? How soul ties are formed I believe there are other ways which soul ties are formed, but here are some that I am aware of. How to break a soul tie 1. To be a free spirit is to refuse to be tamed by fear of any kind.

You feel it, as we all do, but you stand tall despite it and keep moving forward.

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  4. Nothing— no person nor outer or inner force— will keep you from expressing your authentic self. Another one of the most prominent features of a free spirit is their unwillingness to be chained down by any one thing in life. Sure, you might have a passion that you devote yourself to. However, you find yourself regularly changing things within your life such as your physical appearance, hobbies, quirky obsessions, and might find yourself moving frequently.

    This is a sign that you have a deep understanding, and, therefore, appreciation for those things you have a connection to. They tend to be a bit more philosophical because their grasp of the world around them is keener than the average person. And this is why we find revelations clothed with so many obvious human imperfections. We need to learn from the Bible not how to live as they did, but how to live as God wants us to live now in the 21 st century. We learn from their errors as well as from their truths. John The Bible contains divine truths, but it is an introduction to truth, not all truth.

    The Bible is a light to our path, not a fence to prevent us from moving forward and upward closer and closer to Heaven. This is no hope that the Holy Spirit shall overthrow the Bible, but I am fairly certain this Spirit will be quite willing and able to overthrow our misunderstanding of the Bible and our idolatry of elevating our interpretation of the Bible to the level of inspiration.

    Surely, He who inspired the writers of the holy letters, which are said to be profitable for reproof, correction, instruction II Timothy ,17 should be able to reprove, correct, and instruct us in how to understand the ancient writings better today than yesterday.


    Well spoken, Jack. We generally treat the Holy Spirit as a distant, vague and not-quite-significant member of the Godhead when He should be active daily in our lives. Without His personal presence we do end up largely serving our own egos. Jesus did not contradict scripture. John ? Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.

    Your Destiny in Christ Is Directly Tied to This Crucial Area of Your Life — Charisma Magazine

    Jesus is not contradicting the scriptures in this passage. Jesus Christ has done it for you. John is NOT a command to search the scriptures, it is a criticism of how they were using the Bible. There is eternal life in me. So why are you arguing He broke it?


    Jesus Christ set us an example of unwavering dependence on the scripture. From the temptations in the wilderness to His suffering on the cross He trusted on the Word of God. It is written is the word of the Lord. His faith was sustained in His great trial by Psalms 22, 69, etc.

    He believed He was the literal fulfillment of the prophecy. If you pick and choose, rather than believe, you break the scripture. You The Holy Spirit becomes the authority.

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    Jesus Christ never did that. For my part, I shall imitate Christ. Me too.

    Is it because the word of God is not spirit and is not life? Well said!