Titanic ...and the Strange Case of Great Uncle Bertie

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H Lightoller Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 12 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. The story of the Titanic, as told by its survivors by Jack Winocour Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Four different narrations of the Titanic disaster. The odyssey of C. Lightoller who was the only senior officer to have survived the sinking of the Titanic.

During his lifetime he was shipwrecked four times and had also barely survived a winter as a gold prospector heading for the Klondike. Audience Level. Related Identities. I know from experience.

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More than people have been rescued from a cruise liner which is sinking after hitting ice off Antarctica. Skip to content. You are here: Home Ships Fishing Talk. Governor Chaddock arrived and almost immediately had two boats built, one with a giant capstan or crane purpose-built to recover cannon or heavier objects from the many shipwrecks around Bermuda. Messages later discovered by a rescue mission indicate the ships became trapped in ice off of King William Island in the Canadian Arctic.

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As I reflect on these events that happened a long time ago, some have mercifully grown dim, but others remain vivid, fond memories. The carvings of ships under sail made during the Viking age left show an interlace at the foot of the sail. The Island also became a prison for Confederate P. It had lost 52 submarines during the war, 36 in actions in the Pacific. It was soon learned that the troops were throwing away their medication and it fell to medical personnel to stand in the mess lines to dispense the medication — and then to inspect soldiers mouths to see that they had actually swallowed the pills , e.

Once aloft the men are positioned on the ends of the yard called the yard arm, the wood support on the top of the sail. The fleet transported crops and livestock from farms on Vashon Island and ferried people between growing port cities of Seattle and Tacoma.

Her all-wood construction and steam engine make her a National Historic Landmark vessel , e. Carroll reveals that four diaries have been stolen from his shelves at some time in the last several years, and asks Holmes and Wiggins to help retrieve them. Holmes asks for a list of everyone who has been in his rooms, and after they have narrowed down the field somewhat, sets Wiggins, in the guise of a reporter, to question the remaining few.

It is Wiggins, under Holmes's tutelage, who finally locates the missing diaries, and uncovers the unexpected reason for the theft. They take a cab to Thurston's house, where they see the man himself, but when they call out to him, he flees. When theyenter the house they are astonished to find him there denying that he has been out. He tells them that he has several times encountered an exact double of himself, which he is sure enters the house through mirrors.

He tells them of adisastrous expedition into Tibet in search of wealth on which he was left for dead by his companion Hawkins. For the last couple of weeks he has been receiving letters from Hawkins, who claims he was tortured and murdered by Chan-Tzo priests, then his corpse reanimated. He is seeking revenge on Thurston by conjuring a death-fetch.

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Holmes sets about revealing Hawkins' trickery, but as they are leaving they see Sir Humphrey's double at the top of the stairs. They are too late to prevent the explorer's death and Holmes bars Watson from ever writing the story. The pendant bears the emblem of Victoria, Hanoverian pretender to the British throne, and contains a shipping order for boxes of earth bearing the crest of Dracula. Holmes, Watson and the cat travel to the docks to prevent a vampire invasion.

He is in the Fens when he hears a woman scream. He sees her struggling with a shadowy opponent, then the two disappear. He encounters Watson, an old friend who takes him into an underground archaeological dig where he meets Holmes and Henry Grice Paterson, who realises that the woman must have been his wife, Beatrice.

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They set about looking for her, and Holmes informs him that the hillock that the dig is in is known as the Island of Uffa, and tells him of the legend of King Uffa and the dragon. Holmes is investigating the death of one of Grice Paterson's workmen and rumours that the dragon has returned. They trip the entrance to a hidden passage and Holmes, Watson and Grice Paterson tumble into the barrow. Inside they find Beatrice, but are unable to explain her kidnapper's strange death. The clubman, meanwhile, faces a ghost and a dragon. Sir Benjamin Starking, in an archaeological dig sponsored by Sprotley, hass discovered the tomb of the royal architect, Itisen.

Since the discovery there has been talk of a curse, the mummy has vanished, and ushabti figurines have been mysteriously appearing all over the camp. When they journey down into the tomb, they discover a body inside the sarcophagus, and all the evidence points to Sprotley being the murderer. Holmes's solution also solves the mystery of the French Ambassador's wife's missing necklace.

Her marriage has proven childless, and her husband, who has fallen into gambling, has disappeared, along with items that ensure her protection from past indiscretions. She and Watson visit a hellish cabaret in Montmartre, where her real purpose becomes apparent. Norwood's nephew's girlfriend, Elsie Kadwell, a singer, has disappeared. After solving the case, Holmes is called on by Inspector Tovey, who wishes to consult him over the discovery of the freshly severed hand of a man who had supposedly died in the war two years previously.

Their investigations take them first to an abandoned hospital in Wapping and an encounter with a giant which results in their own hospitalisation. Later, Watson is threatened by two men, and discovers that Tovey, Holmes, and his doctor and nurse have all disappeared. His visit to the Diogenes Club also ends in frustration. Reunited, he and Holmes visit a young boy suffering from Myositis ossificans progressiva , and are asked to find his missing aunt.

A clue from Mycroft sends Holmes and Watson to Manchester, while Holmes's researches throw up a link to the Frankenstein family. In an asylum in Manchester they meet another scarred giant, and the case ends aboard a ship sailing out of Bremerhaven in Germany. While watching his Polarian girlfriend wanda singing at the Moon Px, he receives a call from his assistant, Morehouse. Gax, a furry green Callistan, has been given comic books to read, and because Callistans absorb and re-exude culture, Little Orphan Annie has appeared in his room.

Gax is captured by Daddy Warbucks and taken into the comic strip. When his room was unlocked, his abandoned wheelchair and bloodstains were found inside.

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Holmes and Watson lunch with a theatrical impresario and his colleagues, and then travel up to Norfolk to investigate the horrible death of an eel catcher on the Norfolk Broads. They arrive to find that a second headless body has been discovered. At a nearby ruined windmill, they discover an image of a giant rat carved on the door.

Their investigations lead them back to the trail of the missing politician and a country house full of Chinamen.


Titanic!: The Strange Case of Great Uncle Bertie

The impresario's production also features dancing giant rats, but its opening night ends with another death. He had been rescued from a bully by Wiggins when they were children. Holmes arranged for Wiggins to be sent to school, which turned out to be an unhappy experience. He went on to become a printer's apprentice and a Coldstream Guard.

On leaving the army, he trained as a detective and boxer under Holmes. After Holmes's retirement, Wiggins investigates a series of break-ins at his old school, and uncovers a history of sexual abuse.

The Titanic Centenary, featuring “The Ill-fated Titanic” (1912)

While there, he finds time to expound at length on the history of the borough. They meet Inspector Thick, whose father was also involved in the Ripper investigation. Wiggins is interested in Mrs Gavronski's swollen legs. He gets his piles treated, and tells Doc about a case involving his old school's cat. He visits a nudist camp, meets a snake seller in the Great North Wood, and engages in a duel of boating puns with an undertaker. Another murder results from geographical confusion. When the case is finally brought to court, Marshall Hall is Gavronski's counsel. Barker; Ship's Surgeon William F.

Thayer; Mrs. Thayer; William E. Carter; Mrs. Bishop; Mrs. They sail aboard the Titanic, Holmes in disguise, accompanied by Christine Norton, Irene Adler's daughter, a courier for Mycroft, carrying submarine plans to America. Watson takes up with fellow passenger, Holly Storm-Fleming, although Holmes's suspicions are raised by her references to Watson's stories, particularly "The Bruce-Partington Plans".