When the Trust is Broken: Just When You Think Your Children are Safe, Think Again

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Many women make their way to the city, alone, and have a pretty awesome time. You just have to follow the same precautions you would do as a solo female traveller anywhere in the world. Image source: fitz5onthego. Marrakesh is totally safe to travel with families. It might be overwhelming at times and, yes, it can get pretty stressful, too.

These hotels come with family rooms, family amenities, and people will generally be pretty happy to help you with any request. Moroccans will welcome you with open arms in Marrakesh. Salads should probably be avoided. However, they will accommodate you; big meals with all the family are very much the norm in Morocco and people will try their best to get you and your family seated in their restaurant.

Also, avoid dogs.

Own Up to It

Image source: alovelyworld. Driving in Marrakesh is crazy. Traffic comes from all directions. Overloaded motorbikes zoom up. Taxi drivers will lean out the window and chat with passing drivers whilst speeding. People drive erratically. Parking is hard to find. Driving into the centre of Marrakesh is tough too. It goes without saying that you should drive very, very carefully if you want to drive in Marrakesh. Hustlers exist on four or two wheels on the road really ; there are overloaded lorries; animals in the road; pedestrians on motorways.

You can choose from a petit or grand taxi in Marrakesh! Image source: location-marrakech. Taxis come in two forms in Marrakesh. Small do short distances, grand taxis do longer, but they can — at the whim of the taxi driver — pick up extra passengers, and drop them off wherever they need to go. They might want to negotiate the price of the journey instead — haggling is a national past time in this city, it seems.

when the trust is broken just when you think your children are safe think again Manual

How do you get one? Just flag one down; there are that many. To sum up, the taxis in Marrakesh are pretty safe. Sometimes the cars are a bit not up to par with Western safety standards missing window winders, cracked windscreens, questionable interior decor , the drivers may be super speedy, you might get ripped off. Taxis will get you from A to B most of the time.

Mistakes happen in every marriage. Here’s what to do when you make a really big one.

Image source: So Cal Metro. The public transport in Marrakesh is not the best — not much so much in terms of safety but just how not very good it is. You might not even need to use it. The medina in Marrakesh is only traversable, really, by foot — maybe on a bike or a scooter. For the rest of the time you can take taxis, which are generally inexpensive, but never fear: for the truly budget-minded there are local buses. Most buses run every 20 to 15 minutes and are pretty cheap. Horse-drawn carriages can will and definitely want to take you around the city.

There are actually set prices for the routes, but there may be some bargaining involved: be prepared to haggle, sometimes with more than one person at once. Image source: hecktictravels. However, you should be careful. At the end of the day, food in Morocco is tasty but it can be difficult to find the best places to eat.

That said, sometimes you can just not be used to a change in diet. But overall, food in Marrakesh is safe and super tasty!

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We use it on our own adventures to purify often nasty looking water and it does a beautiful job — we have yet to get sick! The roads, we keep saying, are very unsafe, the summers are incredibly hot and the winters are cold — especially at night.

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As a side note, things can get quite pricey in Marrakesh. But there is a big difference between using physical punishment to discipline and physical abuse. Sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse is an especially complicated form of abuse because of its layers of guilt and shame. Exposing a child to sexual situations or material is sexually abusive, whether or not touching is involved. While abuse and neglect occurs in all types of families, children are at a much greater risk in certain situations.

Domestic violence. Even if the abused parent does their best to protect their children, domestic violence is still extremely damaging. Getting out is the best way to help your children. Alcohol and drug abuse. Parents who are drunk or high may be unable to care for their children, make good parenting decisions, or control often-dangerous impulses. Substance abuse can also lead to physical abuse. Untreated mental illness.

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  4. Parents who are suffering from depression , an anxiety disorder , bipolar disorder , or another mental illness may have trouble taking care of themselves, much less their children. A mentally ill or traumatized parent may be distant and withdrawn from their children, or quick to anger without understanding why. Treatment for the caregiver means better care for the children.

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    Lack of parenting skills. Some caregivers never learned the skills necessary for good parenting. Teen parents, for example, might have unrealistic expectations about how much care babies and small children need. Or parents who were themselves victims of child abuse may only know how to raise their children the way they were raised. Parenting classes, therapy, and caregiver support groups are great resources for learning better parenting skills.

    Stress and lack of support. Caring for a child with a disability, special needs, or difficult behaviors is also a challenge. If you grew up in a household where screaming and shouting or violence was the norm, you may not know any other way to raise your kids. Recognizing that you have a problem is the biggest step to getting help. The following are warning signs that you may be crossing the line into abuse:. What starts as a swat on the backside may turn into multiple hits getting harder and harder. You may shake your child more and more and finally throw them down. You feel emotionally disconnected from your child.

    You just want to be left alone and for your child to be quiet.

    To parents of small children: Let me be the one who says it out loud

    Meeting the daily needs of your child seems impossible. Other people have expressed concern. It may be easy to bristle at other people expressing concern. However, consider carefully what they have to say. Are the words coming from someone you normally respect and trust?

    If you have a history of child abuse, having your own children can trigger strong memories and feelings that you may have repressed. But you can learn new ways to manage your emotions and break your old patterns. Help and support are available:. Learn what is age appropriate and what is not.

    Having realistic expectations of what children can handle at certain ages will help you avoid frustration and anger at normal child behavior.